Stop comparing the Morocco project to Ghana - GFA Secretary General Prosper Harrison Addo

Stop comparing the Morocco project to Ghana - GFA Secretary General Prosper Harrison Addo

General secretary for the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Prosper Harrison Addo says Ghanaians will be mistaken if they compare Morocco’s sporting facilities to Ghana’s, citing government support as a factor in the development of sports in the North African country.

Following Morocco’s incredible run at the 2022 World Cup, much credit was given to the structures and facilities that have improved the beautiful game in nearly every aspect of Moroccan football.

Both previous and current GFA administrations have also been chastised for their inability to provide world-class facilities despite the Black Stars’ four World Cup appearances.

However, Prosper Harrison Addo believes that a number of factors, including a land dispute and insufficient funds, have prevented Ghana from closing the gap with countries such as Morocco and Rwanda.

According to him, Morocco’s FA did not fund their projects solely.

“The GFA has been visiting the Morocco technical centre even before journalists in Ghana got to know about the project.

“It’s a good sports development project which we applaud them and we [GFA] wish to have the same here but people should not be lying about it that they [Morocco]) used FIFA forward money for it while GFA has spent the money through its teeth, that is untrue.

“The FIFA forward is not $10m so they cannot build such a project only with it but their government also contributed to it.

“The same case is happening in Rwanda and we all applaud them but the comparison of others’ projects to our own makes Ghana look poor and useless. It is not nice. We can all learn from them but do not make Ghana look like there is no sensible person here.

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“We couldn’t have used FIFA forward money on Prampram since the land was not tilted to the FA,” said Harrison Addo on Akoma FM.

He reassured the public that the Ghanaman Centre of Excellence would be improved now that the land issue had been resolved.

“Now that we have full control of the land, we can start using the forward money for some plans we have for Prampram.

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