Men Of God Likes Sex The Most-Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

Woman of God and counselor,Charlotte Oduro has revealed that, men of God really likes sex the most especially after ministration

Men Of God Likes Sex The Most-Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

Renowned relationship expert and woman of God, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has stated that people who love sex the most are pastors.

Often times Men of God are regarded as personalities who have no taste for intimacy but the new revelation from the popular counselor has opened our eyes to another segment in the lives of these men of God.

Some Men of God can preach against sex to the point that you’d want to leave your partner and stay celibate for the rest of your life. Can you relate?

Whiles appearing on a radio program as a guest, Counselor Charlotte Oduro disclosed that, men of God like sex the most adding that, sex is an institution from God hence it gives the Pastors the needed new strength and anointing to preach at church.

She was emphatic about the fact that pastors love good sex. She added that a Pastor who is well satisfied in bed flows and has the maximum spiritual power.

She said men of God look sexier after they minister at church or any godly gathering and if you’re their wife it’s the best time to look sharp so they impact some blessings into you.
“If you want people who love sex the most they are pastors, after every ministration, that is when they appear very sexy and they want to make love regardless of how tired they are".