Left Me With Nothing After Helping Him Gain Them All.

A woman named Afia Birago who lives at Ahodwo Daban together with her children has been denied their share in properties she acquired with her husband.Narrating her story on “NYA ASEM HWE” a programme hosted by Mmrantiehene Afari Yeboah on Fox FM,she disclosed that, shortly after she married her husband Kofi Baako, he was working at the Town Council but later lost his job.

Madam Birago revealed that,along the line,Kofi Baako brought in his mistress which didn’t bother her at all as they all helped out in their cocoa production which generated a lot of income but she got the shock of her life when she discovered that,her husband had built two houses she knew nothing of.

Adding up to the surprises,was when her husband seeked for divorce indicating that,he wanted to wed his mistress and doesn’t need her as a wife again giving all the properties they toiled for to the second wife leaving them with nothing.

He therefore seeks the help of Mmrantihene and team to help her gain her shares of the properties.