Kalybos Eulogizes Jackie Appiah

Kalybos Eulogizes Jackie Appiah

Comic actor, Richard Asante (Kalybos) has showered praises on actress, Jackie Appiah for remaining humble, despite her wealth and massive following on social media.

According to Kalybos who celebrated Ms. Appiah for clocking 8 million followers on Instagram, he posited that, she is the most followed celebrity in Ghana and yet does not flaunt her wealth.

The actor who described Jackie Appiah with the phrase: “Silence is golden” wondered why some people who have achieved so little are the loudest on social media.

He wrote: “Congratulations @jackieappiah for your 8MILLION FOLLOWERS. Most Followed Celebrity in Ghana. All hail the Queen @jackieappiah. If you’ve not had the chance to meet her, pray you do so. She’s a sweet person inside out. No “Nnkyirewu” like some others. Very down to earth and I mean that literally (in terms of height) don’t compare it to this picture cus she was standing on a box…Jackie Chan, you’re just awesome and amazing.”

“Knowing her, I go to understand perfectly the meaning of “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”. If you’re to know what she has acquired for herself and her worth, you will ask yourself so why do those who don’t even have 1/100 of what she has make noise all the time of the little they own. Well it’s true of what they say though…. “Empty barrels make……”@jackieappiah with all these been said, you have plenty cars, please give me one. ”

It is however unknown if Kalybos intends to throw a subtle jab at some colleagues.

A couple of months ago, he was caught in an standoff with fellow comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng (FunnyFace)