Husband Allegedly Kills Wife For Sakawaa Rituals

Husband Allegedly Kills Wife For Sakawaa Rituals

What at all is happening to our country Ghana? Easy and quick money-making is gradually turning our country into Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible as wickedness is taking over everywhere in the country, all in the name of money.

Recently the country has been encountering news of boyfriends, fiancee, and husbands killing their partners which is still under investigation and yet another one pops up.

This awful incident is said to have happened at Onakwase, a community in the Ayensua District of the Eastern region.

According to reports, the suspected young man identified as Isaac, who is 24 Years old, had a little misunderstanding with Abigail Larbi, the deceased wife. Abigail then left the house alongside her two children to her mother’s place.

Weeks later, Isaac succeeded in persuading Abigail to come to his place as a way of hanging out with her. The deceased was not found since then until her mutilated body was discovered at a dumping site in the community.

As proof that the suspect used the deceased for money rituals, it is said that the tongue, vagina, breast, and even the head of the deceased were removed by the suspect.

The investigation is underway by the Eastern regional police command.

Source: Hotfmonline