HeFRA shuts down 9 facilities in 2-day operation in Kumasi

HeFRA shuts down 9 facilities in 2-day operation in Kumasi

The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) has shut down 5 diagnostic centres in a special operation to clamp down on unlicensed health facilities in Kumasi.

The 5 are MSL Laboratory and Scan Center, Focus Medical Diagnostic Centre, Osbon Diagnostics, Amedilab, and Mediscience Laboratory.

The joint team of officials from HeFRA and the Police closed down 4 of such facilities including the Lake Road Clinic, allegedly carrying out illegal abortions.

This brings to 9, the number of facilities closed down during the two-day exercise.

These facilities were not licensed and also most of their staff did not have the requisite qualifications to attend to clients, a situation, HeFRA believes poses a health risk to the unsuspecting general public.

The Registrar of HeFRA and team lead for the operation, Dr. Philip Bannor, asserted that the health and general safety of the public must not be compromised for the economic benefit of a few people; hence such activities must not go unchecked.

He mentioned that “We are not doing this because we have some interest in closing some people’s business. We want to see more private participation in the healthcare sector but at the same time we want to ensure adherence to quality and standards.”

The exercise was essentially aimed at protecting the public from patronizing services of unlicensed facilities, rather than collapsing businesses.

Dr. Bannor admonished the public to look out for the accreditation of HeFRA in every health facility they patronize as a way of avoiding the services of quacks and unlicensed facilities.