He Duped Me After Gaining My Trust

A mobile money agent identified as Kofi Agyemang who hails from Ahafo Kenyasi no.1 but lives at Abuakwa Maakro has been duped by one of his loyal customers after requesting for a loan.

Narrating his story on ‘NYA ASEM HWE”,programme hosted by Mmrantihene Afari Yeboah,on Fox FM,disclosed that,his customer, Jackson Atta usually came to his place to send and receive money which along the line, they became friends but Jackson as at that time was living in a guest house with his wife and explained that, he was building his house at Enfansi that is why he is lodging in a guest house.

Due to the trust and friendship he developed with Jackson,he asked him for a loan of GHC2,000 during the lockdown period which the country observed sometime ago with the promise of paying back with interest saying ,Barclays bank which is were he saves was been renovated into a different name and so he couldn’t retrieve any money unless he goes through a process to change it and would delay him of what he needed the money for.

According to Kofi,before giving him the money,he investigated and found out what Jackson said about his bank was true so he gave him the money and cautioned to abide by his promise because the monies belong to some people which he obliged but when it was time for him to pay,he kept on given excuses and decided to flee from there and haven’t heard from him again.

He therefore seeks the help of Mmrantihene and team to help track him and retrieve his money because the owners of the money are on his neck to pay as soon as possible.