GRA Went And Chased Osei Kwame Despite After KECY2020-A Plus

Outspoken musician turned politician, Kwame A Plus in an interview with Okay FM presenter, Ola Michael has revealed that Ciri 2020 didn't show lavish cars because, after KENCY 2020, the GRA went after Dr. Osei Kwame Despite

GRA Went And Chased Osei Kwame Despite After KECY2020-A Plus

Musician turned politician, Kwame A Plus has revealed why Ciri2020 did not experience the exhibition of flashy cars like Kency2020.

Kency2020 which was between the son of business mogul Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, Kennedy Osei, and Tracy Asante saw a massive display of flashy cars, from the Lambos To Ferraris and many others.

With this many were expecting similar to happen at Ciri2020, which happens to be the wedding of the daughter of Ernest Ofori Sarpong, CEO of Special Ice and Business partner of Osei Kwame Despite.

Well, the outspoken publicist has come out with a revelation of why that happened, saying after the display of the expensive cars at Kency2020, GRA chased Dr. Osei Kwame Despite to know if he had done the necessary with all the cars.

In an interview with Ola Michael on Okay Fm, he said, “Do you know the kind of information I have, recently after the wedding (KENCY2020), GRA went after some people…I mean the first wedding. That is how come they didn’t line-up cars in the second wedding”