Adrienne Nichole finally breaks silence over leaked sextape with D-Black

D-Blacks girlfriend,Adrienne Nichole has finally detailed how their bedroom sex tape got leaked on social media

Adrienne Nichole finally breaks silence over leaked sextape with D-Black

Well, seems Ghanaian rapper, D-Black after the fake UN awards won't stop trending in the news since social media was set ablaze over a leaked sex tape of him in bed with his supposed girlfriend who was identified as Adrienne Nichole.
The video seemed to be wild as twitter kept booming with comments but people were wondering how such video was leaked.

Clarifying issues Adrienne has finally broken her silence and has detailed how her phone which had a sex scene recorded between herself and D Black got missing and how it was leaked by the person who found it.

Issuing a press statement to detail how the sex tape got leaked online she wrote:
Adrienne Nicole’s full statement reads: "About a week ago I lost my phone. And I posted online that I lost my phone. I didn’t think about anything negative about it then the next minute I started getting threats and somebody asking me for money else they’re gonna post my photos and videos on social media.”

“I had to report to the police here to take care of it. But I keep getting threats and requests from different social media pages. And when I click to check those pages, they had started posting personal photos and videos of me and my Ghanaian partner (with whom I’ve even broken up with).

Apart from reporting to the cyber crimes unit of the police here, I’ve directly contacted the social media platform owners and they have taken down 2 of those parody accounts. But they keep using other pages and channels as well.”
“I’m issuing this statement because I don’t want my private issues circulated out there, neither do I want the same for my ex. It’s not intentional for it to happen so I need to publicly issue this statement to let the world know while I engage the right channels to do the needful.”

My question is why video such acts without thinking of the negative impact it might have when it leaks?.......Too bad because sex is an indoor thing, not an outdoor showcase.